While our company is fully staffed, here is some info about our Founder/CEO:

Lishone` has over 20 years of experience in the book publishing industry, with expertise especially in publishing and marketing. Her career in publishing initially started in NYC at an award-winning independent book publisher, Youth Communications. That opportunity allowed her to author and co-author six books with them and write numerous articles with their magazine, Represent, which is to this day, seen both nationally and internationally. Lishone` eventually went on to formulate her own award-winning book publishing company, ZLS Publishing, which while she was in charge before retiring from it and selling it, launched the careers of many authors, many which saw both awards won and bestselling author accolades.

In her 20 year tenure, Lishone` has won many awards. Those include, Publisher of the Month, Small Business Influencer, Award for Literary Excellence, and several executive citations for excellence in book publishing. She has also published 8 books, 6 of those which can be read in multiple languages. Lishone` has been the main consultant for several companies and has delivered keynotes and presentations, as well as been interviewed by many independent radio programs on the topic of book publishing and marketing.

If you ask Lishone` what she loves about publishing she will say, “The authors. I love working with the authors. They are all very different. I love being able to help change their lives for the better. Their book is a huge part of their life. When I first started, I was working with authors where this was their only major accomplishment. They need that accomplishment to go right. I love being able to do that for them. I love being able to help them with that. I then elevated and started working with author’s who were well off financially and realized how important their book was for their business. I love that I could help them take their business to the next level with their books. For some, it’s just publishing and it’s just a book, but for others, it’s the next step up to wealth. It’s an industry centered around people’s lives. It’s their self-esteem. It’s their accomplishments. It’s something I take VERY seriously. I know my influence can aid in making or breaking a person or their business. I love that they chose me and that is not lost on me.”

Below is a small list of some of Lishone’s accomplishments. With over 20 years in the field, it is impossible to list them all. Our hope is that you find some of these very useful for you when considering to hire Lishone as your right hand in publishing.

Her Awards:

1997-Scholastics Writing Award
2001-Orphan Foundation of America Award Recipient
2010-Publisher of the Month
2012-Small Business Influencer
2012-Award for Literary Excellence
2012-Executive Citation for Excellence in Book Publishing

Some of Her Books BOTH Authored and Co-Authored:

The Struggle to Be Strong
Do You Have What It Takes
Two Moms in My Heart
To Whom It May Concern
Every Child Deserves a Champion
It’s A Family Affair
101 Self-Publishing Terms Every Author Needs to Know
Author Money: An Authors Guide to Figuring Out their Needs to Know such as Profit, Loss, and Everything Money in Publishing

Courses Taught:

How to Earn $50,000 a Year With Your Book
Publishing Your Book to Wealth
Building a Social Media Team
Book Marketing Effectively and Efficiently

Just a few Interviews by Companies Over the Years:

From a Writers POV -2010
The Funky Writer Blog Talk Show
The POV Lounge
Pink Noire Lounge
Editing Couture
Child Welfare Watch
Carol Roth
Odin House
Harvard Education
The Career Mag

A Few Companies She’s been a Publishing Consultant for:

The Career Mag
Pyramid of Potential
Editing Couture
The Evil Genius Group
The Writers Point of View Lounge
OG Publications
Millionaire Writes

Professional Affiliations:

National Association of Professional Women
Independent Book Publishers Association
SPAN: Small Publishers Association of North America