Author Book Design

If you think for a minute that a reader can’t tell the difference between a do-it-yourself designed book and a professionally laid out book, you’re sadly mistaken.The pages of a professionally-designed interior gives your book instant credibility with buyers. Designing and preparing book pages, whether for print or eBooks, goes beyond setting margins and choosing fonts.

A professionally designed print book has the following components:

    • No paragraphs where the last line consists only of a word with less than five characters which include punctuation.
    • No hyphenated compound words.
    • No excess hyphenated words.
    • No issue where the same word falls one above the other on several consecutive lines of text.
    • No loosy-goosy lines of text.
    • No large and unattractive fonts.
    • No two-line paragraphs.
    • No word spaces that fall in a pattern that is distracting to the reader.
    • No pages ending in a hyphenated word. Readers hate that!
    • At least four lines of text on the last page of a chapter.

My professional page layout design services include the following:

  • Two custom interior design samples, where I show you my ideas for the text design. I’ll work with you on these samples until you are completely satisfied. I never use templates; I always give your book a unique look compatible with your subject matter.
  • Typesetting your book to professional standards.
  • Proofreading your book using the The Chicago Manual of Style as a guide.

Memoirs,Non-Fiction and Fiction: $297 (60%.00 deposit due before work can begin)

Interior Book Design Options

Prices for the above books are for black and white books up to 50,000 words, 6×9 or smaller, with fewer than 10 images to place and 20 sidebars. If your book contains tables or your specs differ, please e-mail or call me for a custom quote.

Ebook Formatting is also done and designed for Kindle, Nook, and iBook. Now, remember this is not ebook conversion but ebook formatting. It is designed to make your book flow as easily as a website. Don’t know what the difference between ebook converting versus formatting is? Read this article: How Does a Book Become an Ebook?

The price of ebook formatting is as follows with the option to pay in full or with the 60% deposit:

Print and Ebook Formatting Non-Fiction Combined cost: $175 (60% deposit due)

Ebook Formatting ALL

Print and Ebook Formatting Combined cost is as follows with the option to pay in full or with the 60% deposit: $450

Print and Ebook Combined Formatting


Price for both print book and ebook includes proofreading and two hours of revisions. Additional revisions are chargeable at $99/hour. (One or two changes per book page can be completed within this time limit. To avoid additional charges, please finalize your manuscript before the book design process begins.)


Some Samples:

Click on the Download link below each title to download samples pages.

From Trauma to Inner Peace
By Dr. Rashel Keshmiri (Memoir)

Saving Face
By Dr. Sabina Devita (Nonfiction)

Girl, I Had Enough
By Terry Wroten(Urban Fiction)

The Roadmap From Disabilities to Success
By Dr. Kathy Johnson, ED.(Nonfiction)

Achievable Fashion
By Karyn Riggione (Fashion)

Confessions of A “G”
By Seven (Memoir)

Our Star is Shining Bright
By Albany Community Charter School (Children’s Literature)

Life Love and Pain
By BSavvy (Poetry)


Thank you for wanting to do business with me. I require a 60% non-refundable deposit to begin work, an interim payment for completed work at the 30-day mark (in the unlikely event that your book has not been completed by that date), and the balance paid in full before files are sent to you or your printer.

I accept credit card payments through PayPal (below) as well as all credit cards.

Upon payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your manuscript. In the event that your manuscript is more than the requirements stated above, you will be billed a correct quote and any remaining deposit balance will be due before work begins. Please check my requirements on the price and contact me for a quote if your manuscript holds more than what is stated.

There are no refunds upon receipt of deposit. By paying your deposit you are accepting this statement that there are no refunds given from the deposit. That the deposit is non-refundable. Upon receipt of deposit and once your manuscript is received work will begin. You will be provided with two samples to begin with and once a sample is chosen, the rest of the layout for your work will begin. You will then be provided with a timeline of how long the work will take to complete.

Thank you for choosing me to give your book the beautiful look it deserves.