Initial Consultations:
There is a $550 initial consultation fee. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. By paying the fee you are in full understanding that the fee is non-refundable. Any attempt to dispute the $550 fee will result in sending this policy to your merchant or credit card provider. Also, you will be blocked and prevented from doing business ever again. The initial consultation can either be paid by PayPal, your credit card or via an echeck. Please note that echecks can take 2-7 days to process and clear depending upon your bank. There will be NO consultation until the funds clear. In the event that you pay with an echeck and the check bounces or does not clear, there will be an additional $75.00 returned/bounced/insufficient funds check fee.

ALL consultations are done via my consultation line. That line allows me to record the consultation. You will be sent your copy which is an MP3 file within 24 hours.

Continuing Coaching:
After the initial consultation a discussion will be had on continuing your service with me. A flat rate monthly retainer will be required before any work is started. Depending upon the case, the monthly retainer may need to be paid three months in advance, but that will be discussed in the initial consultation. Continued coaching services will NOT be allowed via Paypal and will be paid via a regular merchant and echecks WILL be accepted. Hours and days will be discussed in regards to your monthly coaching session. Your first session will NOT start until your credit card or echeck clears. Typical turn around time is 2-7 business days depending upon your bank. Please note that coaching is a recurring charge until otherwise stated, which will be put in writing.

All continued coaching are done via my coaching line. That line allows me to record the continued coaching session You will be sent your copy of each coaching session within 24 hours. Each recording is an MP3 file.

Forms and Agreements:
After the initial consultation and in addition to the FIRST payment, forms and agreements must be signed before we have our first coaching/consulting session. You will be sent these forms electronically, where you will be able to sign them electronically. There will be no need to print out your forms. You will also receive your own electronic copy of the forms.

As a client of mine, you will be required to do certain homework to ensure that your book sells the way you want it to sell. Proof of homework will be required. The point of the homework is to teach you as well as guide you to your book sale goals. The homework will help you realize whatever problems you are having and to teach you how to correct them.