Not every author we work with desires to be a NY Times Bestselling author because their goal is to gain more clients and customers through their wealth making business book. They understand that wealth attracts wealth. Successful publishing requires a wealthy mindset. If you state you have no desire to make money with your book or be rich because of your book, you will get exactly what you asked for, and you will make no money. So no matter how good your book is, the moment you decide to be a broke writer, a broke writer you will become.

Now, you may start off broke, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay broke!

What does OUR book coaching consist of?

Our coaching style is NOT your typical coaching. It does not simply teach you publishing, as you can learn that ALMOST anywhere. What it does do is coach you to the right mindset you need to make money with your book. It takes a certain mindset to be successful at publishing. It requires a retrain of your brain and requires you to ask a different set of questions and think differently. Anyone can publish a book, but not everyone can become wealthy from their book. That takes learning a different way. The average author makes $1 a book, but a wealthy minded author can make considerably more.

Now, we do not stroke your creative ego here. We are your honesty corner, not simply your Amen corner. If we don’t tell you the truth, the public will.

-We will teach you the strategies both mental and physical that full-time wealthy authors use to make residual incomes with their books.

-We will teach you how to invest your royalty money so that it grows.

-We will teach you how to make more than $1 a book.

-So many authors complain that their publishers don’t market their books. Our question is, “Why would you want someone else to simply and single handily, tell your story? You lose all control as to how you are seen. Why rely solely on them? Why would you do that?” We teach you how to market your book correctly.

-We teach you to think beyond Amazon.

Now, if you’ve written a book:

-Let’s go over your book. If your business book isn’t making the money you want it to, we need to talk because it’s definitely a problem there.

-If you want to take your book to another level, we need to talk. Let’s discuss what has worked, is working, did not work, does not work, and find strategies to help you level up!


We have coaching for two sets of individuals:

1) The not yet published author: ASPIRING LUXURY AUTHOR

2) The published author (One book or more): PUBLISHED LUXURY AUTHOR

To set up an initial strategy/coaching session visit each individual page or click the scroll down menu on the button. There you will be able to pay for your initial session.