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So what is it exactly that I do and offer as a publishing consultant. Well, here it is:

One-on-One Consulting:

I provide you with authentic answers and direction on both traditional and self-publishing.

Agent Letter Critiques:

Looking for an agent? Well that letter needs to be right. I know what agents are looking for.

Book Design:

In addition to helping you solve your book marketing and sales problems, I also help make sure your book looks great.

Marketing Critique:

If your book isn’t selling or your sales are poor, then something is wrong with your marketing. I can help you course correct your marketing so your sales increase.

Marketing Assistance:

If you are an author who is about to put out a book, you must have a book marketing plan. I can help you create one and navigate what we create so that your book sells.

Book Concept Critique and Assistance:

Got a new book idea you’re considering? Get my expert assistance with it before you publish it. Got an idea stuck in your head and don’t know how to get it out? We will work on unblocking what’s blocking you from successfully writing.

Book your initial consultation with me and let us work together to get your book off the ground.

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