About the Firm

Successful publishing requires a wealthy mindset. If you state you have no desire to make money with your book, that is exactly what will happen: You will make no money with your book! Change your mouth, change your money!

If you have the belief system of:

1) I don’t want my book to make money, our firm is NOT for you!

2) If you have no money to invest in learning wealth specific strategies as they relate to publishing and marketing, our firm is NOT for you!

3) If you have a broke mindset, we cannot help you! Change your mind, change your mouth, change your life!

Who our firm is for:

1) Those invested in learning both book publishing and marketing from a wealthy mindset and successful point of view.

2) Those who have the financial means to invest in strategic sessions pertaining to learning and being the successful and wealthy author they desire to be.

Our clients mostly include:

1) Wealthy business owners who are writing books to elevate their business.

2) Luxury life coaches wanting to create a luxury style book for their clientele.

From luxury make-up artist to multi-millionaire life coaches, our wealthy clientele run the gamut.

Let’s talk! You want the money, we’ve got the solution and the strategies!


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